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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Change of Scenery

John Marine | September 19, 2018 | | Be the first to comment!
"A change of scenery can help everything."

-Drew Pomeranz

Being in a new setting can help make life better. Imagine going from a setting where life seems like a dead end to being in a setting where you can be happier and more free. It is why people want vacations from their daily grind. You sometimes need to go to different places to feel better. The impact of going to some other places will help you to recharge or even develop some newfound confidence. You can always return to your original place, but going elsewhere can make a big difference in your life. This blog post is a discussion on the front of change of scenery.

Change of Scenery
^ from: (YouTube) - Sometimes, the best way to feel better about yourself is to go to different places. Having wanderlust can be helpful in this regard.

Why is a Change of Scenery Important?

When you go to a new place or somewhere apart from your original location, you tend to feel different. Often times, a new setting can help you feel better about yourself and others. Some people wish they can live in a different place where they can be more free and more independent. As an example, think of someone looking to move out of city slums and live in a more prominent neighborhood. Someone may live in a place ripe with crime and drug dealers and want to move to a more secure location. Some other person may even want to go from his/her current city to live in a better city. Students may want to go from one school or college to a better one. Some people in certain work environments may want to take in better jobs for higher salaries or for getting away from certain workplaces. Athletes and teams in sports sometimes want to go to different teams and environments for a better living or to even go to better teams.

No matter what, there is incentive to want to go from one place to another, whether temporary or permanently. One does not have to be with a certain place or be around certain people for the entirety of their lives. You can always go elsewhere, unless you feel locked in and can only do so much. We do live in a big world that has all kind of possibilities and opportunities that await us. Not many of us are fully driven to want to explore this big world or have the resources to want to go to different locations.

Can You Have a Change of Scenery From Your Original Place?

If it is possible to make your current space more inviting and more productive, then you can certainly feel better with a happier version of your current space. Cleaning up your room or house can give you a bit more of happiness so where your life is much better. You can have yourself a "staycation" that can help boost your mood and feel better each day. All you would need to do is try to find ways to make your current space better.

Change of Scenery if You Are Not Outgoing.

I will admit- I am not as outgoing for a person who talks about how beautiful certain places in the world are. If you feel you can be living better by going to a different place, you have to get yourself to want to go to different places. You have to make yourself to want to go someplace different for boosting your mood or getting away from the usual dump style of life you may be living. If you are not an outgoing kind of person and feel you need a change of scenery, then you are probably going to have to make your current space as happy as possible. How you are going to accomplish this is going to be a real challenge. So think carefully as to how you want to accomplish this.

Final Thoughts.

Whether temporary or permanently, we all could use a change of scenery. It allows us to explore the world while also providing a psychological advantage of boosting our mood and exploring what is possible. The chance to live a better and happier life can be done by simply being in places that allow us to be more free and feel better. That is why many of us take vacations to go to different places. You don't have to be a vagabond; you just have to visit places that can help you feel better and free apart from your normal location.

This post is over. If you care to discuss, let's do so! Here's my question to you all:

Do you believe in life being better by simply being in a different place? How important do you think a change of scenery can be?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Life Lessons: Political Ads

John Marine | September 18, 2018 | | Be the first to comment!
What can political advertisements teach us about life? On the surface, most political ads help sway interest towards electing someone to office. However, opponents may try to exploit the wrongs of others and have you vote an opponent instead. So what does this have to do with life? Simple- people not as educated about others are given two (maybe more than two) perceptions about someone. It is up to that person to either support a featured personality or reject that personality. Average people like you and I are treated and regarded the same way. Maybe some of us may never run for any political office, but the feeling of having our best qualities and our worst qualities and being judged for them are quite the same.

About the Label: "Life Lessons"

Posts under the "Life Lessons" label is a unique look at what we can learn about life through conventional (and sometimes unconventional) concepts. The main point is to offer a look at life from various arenas.

The Link Between Political Ads and Life/Society.

Because we don't know a lot about people we come into contact with, we are mostly given an immediate snapshot as to why we should care about a certain individual. These snapshots offer reasons as to why we should care about a certain individual campaigning to win the respect of others or simply to prove how amazing that person is. Especially with political ads, these people want to win your respect and help make society and life better for all with their campaigns. They want you to put your full trust into that individual to help move society in the correct direction for a brighter and happier future. We therefore often want to celebrate the positive qualities of someone. That is why we tend to love people. Just as much as there are positive qualities to someone, there are also negative qualities that ultimately paint the perfect picture of someone. We don't want to know about the negative qualities of someone trying to earn others' trust, but opponents' opposing views of someone are actually needed in helping tell the other side of the story or form the complete picture of someone trying to earn our trust. That is why for every political ad wanting us to vote for someone, there is some other political ad from opposition wanting us to vote for someone else instead of one individual based on certain claims and accusations.

No one person is ever going to be completely positive. Likewise, no one person may be completely negative. Accepting and loving someone is a combination of taking the good with the bad about someone. Someone who may have glaring negatives can improve to become a better person. Someone who may have glaring positives could all be broken down to hate if certain negatives hit the mind of some individuals. All of these things can help towards better accepting or not accepting certain individuals- just like in political ads.

Why Did I Link Political Ads to Society?

Why did I bring up political ads? If you know me, I try to stay away from issues related to government, economics, and religion because I am not educated much on these matters, nor do I try to pretend I am any kind of expert. I put up this topic because there are things about life that can be taught from something similar. Obviously political ads represent issues very important to us. Who we choose ultimately will shape our world and society for some time to come. I chose political ads for this blog post because it is one of the greatest showcases of wanting to either accept or not accept someone for their qualities. We are given a certain individual for which we know only of his/her most striking qualities. Deeper research and opinions, though, help shape a different view of someone opposite of whatever qualities are most glaring. This is much the same way that political ads try to sway your interest into choosing someone to take a certain role in office; but at the same time, you do not know the full story of someone or what someone may really be about until you learn of one's negative qualities (or what certain individuals deem as one's biggest negatives). While political ads and treating people in society offer two different levels of importance, both are similar in how we ultimately view people. When we see certain people, we have only a small idea of what a certain individual is all about. How we ultimately see people is a combination of the positive and negative qualities of someone including our own final judgment of if we are able to fully accept and admire a certain featured personality. Some people may even say, "Only God can judge me." For the most part, though, we only can love or loathe certain people based on what we are to believe as well as what is actually true about certain featured individuals.

Final Thoughts.

It is natural to judge people based on both positive and negative qualities. Whether or not you fully accept someone is your call and yours alone. Just remember that who you admire and celebrate are based on how you feel about someone and if just enough of that person's qualities are enough to make you think he/she is a great person. While average people may not be critical to consider loving or hating like with political ads, these matters are critical enough to help us determine whether we love or loathe someone. Maybe you celebrate someone despite their good and bad qualities while another person may loathe everything about that same person. You can be for, against, or neutral in regards to people. Regardless of your thoughts, it all ties into how one person is ultimately judged by society... just like with political ads.

So how should you take this topic? Simple- you are not required to agree with someone being completely positive or completely negative. We love people regardless of certain personalities and traits. No one will ever be perfect. No one may either be fully loveable. Life and society both have various elements where we love things for some reasons and loathe things for many other reasons. Life is not perfect, and society is not perfect, so why chase perfection? Learn to accept people as a whole so life and living can be prosperous and enjoyable despite peoples' qualities.

I hope you found this blog post to be enjoyable. If you want to keep up with my posts, Subscribe/Follow my work in any capacity. But before I close this post further, let me know what you think about this topic:

Do you think political ads and life/society have a link? What similarities can you link between these two concepts?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Comparing Successes

John Marine | September 12, 2018 | | | Be the first to comment!
Everyone wants to be successful. When it comes to success, it involves your own success as well as the success of others. We often compare our success against others. A lot of times, comparing success is discouraged. That is mostly because we all have different levels of success including how we get such success. However, you do wonder how others compare in levels of success. Should you, though? This blog post is all about comparing successes.

Comparing Successes

You want to be successful, but you sometimes think about how your own success compares to others. I know there a lot of times when I hear of how some people wonder about what makes certain others so successful to begin with. As a common example, there are people who question the success of celebrities and families such as the Kardashians. I even recall some people who wonder about why some people are so successful and usually question what some are truly successful of. Is it ever okay to question success or wonder how your success compares to others? To discuss success comparisons proper, here are some talking points to get the discussion going.

Comparing Successes: Examples.

When I got my Associate's in the Arts at age 25 in 2008, I felt a bit miffed that most people my age would be further along in life than I have been I got my Associate's in the Arts. There are two sides to all of this. One side is that maybe I could have done better if I had better times in school and in life. Conversely, there are probably 25 year olds who may take longer to get to where I was or have never even enrolled in college. I can take this example further by saying that people at my age of 25 then probably are married, have children, and even living on their own.

Sometimes comparing success can also be like playing certain games. For example, you may have unlocked certain levels or characters while you are stuck somewhere 25% or 50% complete in the game. Everyone is different. There are surely a lot of games where I haven't unlocked as much content or accomplished certain things others can only dream of.

The most common comparison of success can usually be found in sports. People often compare stats and levels of success of teams and athletes. People may usually compare success the likes of (for example) LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan. Or maybe comparisons among teams could be like comparing the likes of the St. Louis Cardinals or New York Yankees of Major League Baseball. Even sports has its own comparisons of varying levels of success.

In cases like these, should people be ashamed that they don't have levels of success like others do? That is a feeling you are left with if you feel that your own success pales in comparison to what others in the same or similar fields have accomplished. It is making life an unnecessary competition in many cases.

Comparing Successes: Control What Only You Can Control!

Part of living life is about doing what you can take advantage of and worrying only about your own status. The problem is that we still think about trying to reach success as quickly and as impactful as possible. You sometimes have those, "if I could do it all over again..." conversations you respond to. You wish you maybe were in a better place or did certain things at a younger age. Thing is, you live only one life and have to make the most of what you have. You learn your lessons and apply what you learned to the future and with future generations.

Is Comparing Successes Okay?

Is it really okay to compare your success against others? Really, I think you should be blessed you've achieved success. Be thankful you've reached a level of personal happiness most people wished they can reach. While your own success is great, life shouldn't be a competition of who can be the most successful. If you have reached success you're happy with, you shouldn't try to rub in your own success when looking at others. It also helps not to feel like you have to be successful earlier in life as opposed to later in life. That topic, however, will require its own blog post. Thing is... just enjoy reaching success and making the most of what you have.

You want to be successful, but you do not want to make a habit of comparing your success with others. Success will come; just don't feel like you have to emulate someone else's success to be personally happy. Worry about trying to be a success on your own terms and through your own experiences. Don't try to compete with someone else with his/her own success level.

Comparing Successes: Final Thoughts.

Long story short- be as successful as you want to be, but don't go crazy trying to be the absolute best or showcase the absolute best level of success one can ever achieve. If you worry so much about other peoples' success, you feel like you can be happy only when your own success is better than what someone else's success. You feel like you can never be as successful as someone is, or at least you feel you should be more successful than other people. Enjoy success; just don't compare success to others. Your success shouldn't rely on trying to be more successful than others.

Comparing Successes: Resources

These resources will help you to realize that comparing your success to others is not a good idea. Take a look at these:

4 Steps to Stop Comparing Your Success to Others (Success Magazine)
What Happens When I Compare Myself to 'Successful' People (The Art of Charm)
The Key to Success? Not Comparing Yourself to Others (Psych Central)
Why Comparing Yourself to Others Isn't Success (Coaching for Leaders)
The Comparison Trap: How to Enjoy (and Not Envy) the Success of Others (99u)
Life's Enough: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others (zen habits)

Maybe this can help you all, as I do with many of my posts here on John's Life Space.

If you want to discuss this topic further, feel free to discuss with this question:

Do you worry so much about the success of others compared to your own?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Back to School/College

John Marine | August 17, 2018 | | | | Be the first to comment!
Going to to school or college can either be exciting or stressing. You know you have a job to do and a chance to better yourself for the future. So you have to be somewhat hopeful of school/college. However, some aren't as reluctant to be in school or college. Some even simply do not want to go right now. It is all understandable. Just like any work week, though, it's time to eventually go back. Sometimes, you have to put aside fun and relaxation and get back into your grind. So for this blog post, I will look at the psychological aspects of returning to school or college.

About the Label: "School/College"

These are life issue topics related to school and college. This includes student life, being in school/college, being a better student, being a teacher/professor, and other related topics.

Back to School/College

A return to school/college usually means it is time for you to get back into learning and practicing your craft. Despite the hope and promise of returning to school/college, it can be quite stressing, and even a potential financial nightmare. This is a chance to make yourself better and to prove yourself in trying to learn many different concepts. Let us briefly look at the pros and cons of going to school/college or returning to school/college...

Positive Aspects of School/College.

Among the positives of returning to school or college:

• a chance to learn new things
• making new friends or seeing old friends again
• getting accustomed to new teachers or professors
• something to occupy your mind outside of home

These are all aspects to help you to become excited about school/college after taking a good amount of time off.

Negative Aspects of School/College.

Despite the positives I mentioned, there are surely negatives. Among others...

• that feeling of work again
• possible financial issues of trying to pay for school/college along with getting supplies and clothes
• possible teachers or instructors you may not like
• being around people you don't like
• fear of potential violence (school shootings, etc.)
• having to adjust certain schedules
• simply not feeling ready to return

On these fronts, it is understandable to not be so excited about returning to school/college. So how do you deal with returning to school/college? The next section provides plenty of insight.

Dealing With School/College

If dealing with school or college, there are a number of things to keep in mind as the latest adventures in education unfold.

Back to School/College: As a Student.

Your parents want the best for you and want you to become the best individual for when you enter the workforce or any other future endeavors. Sad as it is to say, you have to deal with it and put yourself through school/college to make yourself a better person. No other way around it. There were times when I felt like I didn't want to go to college because of being pushed around like I don't mean anything. Especially when you feel like you are worse to others than what you are actually worth, that only makes you feel more self-reliant as a student.

Being a student also means dealing with society. So that means you will have to deal with both good people and bad people. Violence of any kind on campus grounds is not acceptable. However, you know you may have to deal with people who only want to see you fail and will do anything to make you feel like you are a mistake in society. It even means you may feel like resorting to fighting people just to defend yourself and make yourself strong in the wake of bullies and other lowlife individuals. You are not going to be treated fairly by other people. I am not even going to lie to you about this. I knew at the expense of getting into trouble and having my parents mad at me, I only care about keeping myself projected and strong even dealing with idiots.

You also will have to try to take advantage of resources to help you become better in school/college. Part of this involves going to tutoring sessions, building bonds with your teachers/professors, and things of that nature. You want every opportunity to make yourself better for the future. You want to feel like you are going to school/college to make yourself better rather than waste years of your life doing something you are not proud of, or even feeling like you are doing something that doesn't lead to you becoming better in any such way. Even if you hate school/college, at least love yourself enough to know you are doing something that ultimately will help you become better for the rest of your life.

As I was in college, I found it is also important to try to connect with counselors. Outside of my friends, I couldn't have kept happy each day without going to counselors every now and then. I have dealt with depression and feeling unable to perform in a number of situations. It can make a world of a difference to be with caring counselors. So be sure to chat with counselors to help you feel better when in school or college.

School/College is as much a part of life as anything else. Dealing with peers is a part of life as a student.

Back to School/College: As a Parent.

It is always a nervous time for parents as they send their children off to school or college. Parents will not be there to help their children get through school. There is also the potential for parents to become concerned when their children get into trouble in school/college or anything of that nature. When times get tough for students, they may share stories of what has happened to them on certain days. They may share report cards and progress reports on how they are doing in school. If doing good, the parent(s) might try to reward children or try to make sure things remain positive. If doing bad, then parents may become restrictive of what their children can and can't do. I been on both sides of the fence as a student.

Parents will also need to be mindful of various social trends of late. School/College for children these days is much different from when most parents were students themselves. There was not as much technology or social media to speak of for parents. Certain words and hobbies are different from then compared to now.

Now for some less desirable aspects of being a parent to a student in school or college. Two months into 2018, there were already as many as 18 reported cases of school shootings in the United States. The ultimate fear for any parent is for his/her child(ren) to be injured or killed due to some act of violence- whether a simple as a school fight or as serious as a mass shooting. There are also instances of disaster ranging from certain accidents to something uncontrollable like natural disasters. There may even be instances when a student does nothing wrong, but is in some sort of danger. These include instances such as a student having a seizure, fainting, or anything like that. These are very stressing times for any parent.

Back to School/College: As a Dropout.

Some students dropped out of school/college either from not liking the school experience or because of some other reason (such as becoming a parent). Some parents who weren't able to complete their education will be returning to try to complete what they couldn't accomplish in their more active times as students. You should at least be proud to give yourself another chance to make good on accomplishing your academic goals.

Back to School/College: As a Returning Student.

If you have successfully gone through school and decide to return to further your education, good! Maybe you haven't been in school or college in a while, so you will need to become better accustomed to student life even if you are older. I know from my days taking college classes at night that there were those 35 or older while I was still mostly in my early 20s. These are parents who are balancing both college and work and/or parenthood.

On the other hand, you might simply be a graduate student and decide to do some post-graduate classes to further your education. Even in this state, you are still doing good to try to get acclimated to (in this case) collegiate life.

Back to School/College: Final Thoughts

Going back to school or college means different things for different people. If you put forth the investment towards making yourself a better person and even meeting many like-minded people who want to see you succeed, you shouldn't be too discontent about returning to school or college. There will be some early jitters as relaxation turns to serious work. While it may seem tedious, do not necessarily see school/college like chores. Allow yourself the opportunity to learn and keep learning.

If I can suggest anything towards school and/or college, get your supplies. Without the proper supplies for school or college, you're going to lag behind and not get any significant edge in your studies. So make sure to follow supply lists to the letter. You also don't want to have to rely on peers or somebody giving you what you should already have.

Having said all of this, have yourself a great semester or school year! :)

Well, that covers another life issue deal on "John's Life Space." If you care to discuss, here is a question for you:

How do you handle back to school/college? Were you as reluctant to start a new semester or school year?

I may expand the range of topics on "John's Life Space" to include various other insights on life and related topics. Be sure to Subscribe/Follow if you enjoy my work. PayPal Donations are voluntary but are otherwise appreciated. Just be sure to support my work any way you can. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

LGBT Acceptance

John Marine | August 08, 2018 | | | Be the first to comment!
If acceptance in being any capacity of #LGBT was easy, this would not be an issue. Unfortunately, that is not the case. LGBT has been better accepted in recent years. However, some still are unwilling to accept LGBT types. Some even follow various conceptions that LGBT types are "diseased." You even have the religious-minded who will condemn anyone who is any kind of LGBT.

This blog post is all about trying to offer some help and advice towards LGBT acceptance. Even if you don't like anyone who is any kind of LGBT, acceptance is a real problem that should be addressed accordingly.

NOTE: Some of the topics featured in this blog post may require or feature different individual topics. So stay tuned to this blog for if I post about certain special situations involving this topic.

LGBT Acceptance

The most important aspect of being LGBT is acceptance. Being accepted can be difficult at times. Some cultures and countries even punish people for being LGBT. Sometimes even, getting the death penalty. People may even have certain religious connotations in regards to being LGBT and dealing with LGBT people. No matter what, letting your true self shine can be very difficult.

Properly being LGBT is something that develops. It is not anything that can be flipped on or off like a switch. In other words, you can not just decide to engage in same-sex love or anything like that. You also do not choose to want to wear clothing of one's opposite birth gender and try to live and act as a member of the opposite sex. If you are seriously any capacity of LGBT, you want to live a different kind of lifestyle than what norms modern society put into place. You want to live in a way that while people may not accept it, you feel happiest and most secure for what you believe in.

I mentioned in my "LGBT Issues" blog post about the first transgender I known in person. This first transgender I met (or ultimately would be transgender) was a male with handsome long hair and then became this cool transwoman was warned by her grandmother to drop her M2F (male-to-female) ways; otherwise, she'd kick this transgender out of the house. If it was tough for her to stay in her grandmother's spirits, imagine how tough it would be for others dealing with being accepted as LGBT.

The road to acceptance is never easy for LGBT types. Some people equate being LGBT as doing something wrong- such as killing people, destroying property, selling illegal drugs, and the like. Unless such people actually commit such things, being LGBT is not a crime. It is not even a disease or some kind of outbreak. If being LGBT is a "disease," then where's all the talk about trying to cure it? Do people try to cash in on trying to "cure" LGBT like all those commercials about mesothelioma and asbestos?

If left being disrespected and dishonored for being LGBT, the long-term effects can lead to (but not limited to) lower self-esteem, being more anti-social, being more independent, and at the worst- injury or death to oneself or others. So to be accepted for being LGBT can mean a whole lot trying to live in this society.

The Quest for Acceptance

Being accepted for being LGBT is never easy. However, there are many things to consider when trying to be accepted. Consider the following...

How to Accept LGBT Types.

The first thing to note is sort of cliché to people, but realize that LGBT are people- just like you and I. They are not monsters. They are not "diseased." These are people who breathe the same air, drink the same water, and live about the same way that you do. So to say such LGBT types aren't worth any kind of care or respect is completely wrong.

Some people can't accept LGBT types for any number of reasons. To some, there are religious connotations as to why LGBT persons aren't so accepted. I remember once watching some public access TV show where someone said, "if you're a [gay slur], you're going to die." Some people probably even would feel disgraced associating themselves with anyone who is any capacity of LGBT. What about if you are transgender? Some people would be disgusted to know someone who looks female is a male, or they may even be disgusted of someone who appears male is actually a female.

Accepting anyone LGBT can be a lengthy process. Even if you were to "come out," people will not readily be able to accept you for your LGBT lifestyle. You may get accepted; you may never get accepted. At least be sure to find some sort of goodness in someone and try to respect people for their personality, as opposed to their sexual preference.

LGBT Acceptance: Among Peers.

It can be tough being openly gay around most mainstream people. Trying to be accepted and loved among peers can involve you sometimes being the butt of someone's jokes. You may get treated poorly or even get bullied just for being any kind of LGBT. In this case, you may want to (especially if in school or college) seek help from campus faculty or even police. I personally have known some individuals who were gay or lesbian. However, I don't think I came to the point of being entrenched in someone's thoughts in being LGBT. So I can't really speak from experience on trying to accept someone for being any kind of LGBT.

LGBT Acceptance: Among Family.

This is something that requires it be spoken in two parts- for children and for parents.

LGBT Children: Imagine you are the parent of someone who has LGBT feelings. You may have a child who prefers having a gay or lesbian experience. You may have a child who prefers being bisexual. Your child may even want to life live as a transgender. Especially with youth having LGBT interests and habits, these can harm the rest of their lives. So you, as a parent, need to make sure to communicate with a child on a certain level so you can learn to accept someone who adopts such a lifestyle.

LGBT Parent: I have known some males online who are proud parents and are also transvestites. If being LGBT involves having certain parents who have LGBT thoughts and such, they have to be respected just as much as children. You can be both any capacity of LGBT and still be a quality parent. Do not let the fact of proudly being LGBT deter or alter your responsibilities as a loving parent or any other family member.

One last talking point...

Should You Accept Someone Who is LGBT?

It can be tough to be accepted for your LGBT interests. If you can look at the person rather than see someone who is some capacity of LGBT, you can greater appreciate the person. All one person asks is to be accepted and loved. This is what we all want from people we care about or want to get into the good graces of. Unfortunately, some people won't even give LGBT types the time of day and the platform of respect from others. This leads to being unloved and disrespected. Being any kind of LGBT is not a disability or deterrent for us being great minds and greater people. People, though, make it so that being LGBT is about the same as living with a chronic illness or being a target for bullying.

I have encountered several persons in the LGBT community including various gay and lesbian types as well as a handful of transgenders. I always have been respectful of them and never once found being LGBT as a joke or something to feast upon. I learned over time to better respect such individuals. If I can be respectful towards LGBT persons, so can anyone else. All that is needed is some medium of respect for such LGBT persons.

LGBT Acceptance: Final Thoughts

If we can respect the person rather than the person being LGBT, if we can respect and honor the personality of someone rather than jump on someone for being LGBT, then it can go a long way towards better respecting LGBT types. So try seeing the good in someone rather than hate such people for being LGBT. LGBT persons are people just like you and I. Let's try respecting such individuals instead of bullying them and chastising them for their LGBT lifestyle. It won't be easy accepting such people or trying to accept such individuals, but at least trying is better than disgracing the world they walk on and breathing the air they breathe.

LGBT Resources.

Various resources available here...

• Here is an article providing a snapshot of LGBT acceptance: GLAAD Accelerating Acceptance.

• Here is a 2018 look at LGBT acceptance from GLAAD: Accelerating Acceptance 2018 - GLAAD.

If you want some help regarding LGBT matters, please visit my "Helpful Resources" page. And if there are any resources you want to suggest me adding to help others in this situation, please contact me.

Please remember that there may (and will) be related topics to this matter. Make sure to follow this blog (and my others) for more discussion of this topic. I hope you got to enjoy this blog post. I also hope I could have provided some calming and encouraging insight into this topic. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Drinking and Smoking

John Marine | July 16, 2018 | | | Be the first to comment!
Drinking and smoking are often hazardous to your health. Both are capable of damaging your body and how you function. They are also sometimes ways to escape mental pain. Drinking and smoking should be in moderation. Despite this, both of these questionable habits can do any amount of damage to you and your body. This blog post discusses drinking and smoking.

This blog post discusses drinking and smoking.

Drinking and Smoking

drinking and smoking
^ from: - Huge risks are involved when you drink and/or smoke.

Personally, I do not drink or smoke. I never found the appeal or love for drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco. At most, I would probably drink wine or champagne. Maybe I don't see the cool factor in drinking or smoking.

Drinking and smoking is often glorified a lot in media. You will normally see people drinking wine or champagne at parties. You might see people smoking in television shows and other forms of mass media. You may even occasionally see people on social media sharing pictures of them drinking and/or smoking. Recording artists may even make reference to drinking alcholic beverages or smoking certain things. No matter what, such entities try to be a catalyst for sparking people to get into drinking and/or smoking. Consuming such products can lead to any number of damaging effects to you, your body, and others around you. You may even look into magazines and find ads for alcohol and tobacco. Some magazines even have free samples of tobacco products.

It can be hard to get away from the temptation to drink or smoke considering what all is out there and how it is portrayed.


Drinking alcoholic beverages can be a way to have fun with others or even get low moments off of one's mind. Some who enjoy drinking may often times share pictures on social media on getting drunk or simply showcasing certain drinks. There could be those who will show off margaritas or maybe take pictures of themselves drinking wine or champagne. Some may even photograph themselves drinking from a beer can. Also, some people may take shots, such as tequila shots. These are when people take a small amount of an alcoholic beverage and try to swallow it all in a short period of time. Drinking alcoholic beverages has its appeal to many people.

Some people drink recreationally. Some others drink to get their minds off of certain low moments in their lives. Just about anyone who drinks or have had alcoholic drinks before certainly know of the appeal drinking offers. Despite this, however, alcohol can be plenty damaging. It can impair your chain of thought and may even make you do things you wouldn't do if you were sober. You could even be so drunk that you may find yourself vomiting.

Being drunk also leads to impaired judgment and committing crimes. There are moments when drunk drivers injure and even kill individuals. Speaking of drunk driving, it is important that alcoholic beverage makers stress having a designated driver in case an individual "had one too much." If you are too drunk to focus properly, you shouldn't be operating a vehicle to where you put the lives of yourself and/or others at risk. Either have someone else take command of a vehicle or sober up.


In more current times, there has been a rise in e-Cigarettes and vaping. A few times watching live streams, I have seen individuals vape. Reports indicate that vaping can be just as damaging (if not more so) than regular smoking. Smoking can damage your lungs, your throat, your heart, all among other things. Various forms of media try to make smoking glamourous. Even some children cartoons have made smoking "cool." I remember even watching cartoons like "Tom and Jerry," "Popeye," and stuff all with smoking involved. Filling the air with cigarette smoke and your body with tobacco is enough to do any amount of damage to at least someone or something.

Just as harmful as smoking is secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is about you sharing tobacco with others. This can be damaging to people around who are exposed to cigarette smoke. It is said that children and teenagers can be at greater risk of health problems if they inhale cigarette smoke. So basically, you could be harming other people with smoke if you aren't harming yourself!

Businesses even have guidelines as to making people go outside if they feel the urge to smoke. Places such as restaurants have certain outdoor sections to where you can freely smoke as opposed to smoking inside of buildings that may threaten children or certain sensitive individuals. Or some places may even have smoking regulations so that you do not (for example) accidentally trigger a fire alarm in a building.

No matter what you may think about smoking, there are more negatives than positives with smoking. So get help if you can or try to limit your smoking habits. More information and resources on this can be seen later in this blog post or in my "Helpful Resources" page.

Drinking and Smoking With Youth.

I am not sure about other nations, but you must be 21 years old or older to legally drink or smoke in the United States. Some youth are sly enough to try to get alcoholic drinks and even smoke. The impacts of underage drinking and/or underage smoking for youth can be damaging even as they get older. Drinking and smoking for youth is just as troublesome as doing drugs. Parents will need to be mindful of any suspicious activity in which their child/children may have consumed alcoholic beverages or done any smoking.

Various commercials have been on television regarding smoking and its impacts on your health. Among others are campaigns from Truth,, and other mostly youth-oriented campaigns.

Help for Drinking and Smoking.

You can attend Alcholics Anonymous (or "AA") to get treatment for alcohol abuse. You can try any number of products to resist your smoking urges, such as nicotine gum and various other products to curb your smoking habits.

Drinking and Smoking: Final Thoughts

Even though drinking and smoking can have their positives for those dealing with emotional issues, drinking and smoking, for the most part, are damaging. Some people do find themselves in some trouble in their lives and turn to drinking and smoking to help deal with those problems. While drinking and smoking may help, you may reach a point where you need to lay off the drinking and/or smoking to where you don't threaten your own health and well-being.

I am not entirely condemning drinking and smoking. All I am saying is that you should be careful. If you find yourself needing counseling to curb your drinking or smoking habits, there are a lot of resources available to you. Do not feel you are perfectly fine or think you are too good to get help for your drinking and/or smoking. It isn't as glamourous as people make either out to be. You must resist the temptation to get indulged into drinking and smoking. You especially must seek help if you are among the youth who get involved into drinking and smoking. If you are a parent or some supervisor of a child who has been drinking or smoking, you especially must be proactive and alert in trying to get that child the proper help needed to treat a child's ways with drinking and/or smoking.


For various resources on curbing drinking and smoking habits, here are few resources for you:
Alcoholics Anonymous
Underage Drinking|National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
The Real Cost

To see resources for many more issues (including drinking and smoking), please visit my Page Helpful Resources.

This is the end of this post. I hope all of you take care of yourselves no matter what you do in life. I am just doing what I can to provide some helpful material. If you appreciate my efforts, do what you can to support me and my work. One thing you can do is subscribe to my blog(s). More ways are below this section. By the way...

How do you feel about drinking and smoking? What would you recommend to those dealing with alcohol and tobacco abuse or addiction?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

LGBT Issues

John Marine | July 04, 2018 | | Be the first to comment!
#LGBT matters are part of "John's Life Space" being a positive space. Part of making this blog a positive space is considering all parties. You can think whatever you want about LGBT types. To me, I do what I can to make everyone feel happy and respected- even including those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, genderqueer, panssexual, asexual, and the like. If you have a problem (or problems) with LGBT people, that is perfectly fine. However, they are as much of people as you and I. So to continue to provide positive material to many audiences, I will offer some general LGBT thoughts in this blog post.

NOTE 1: This blog post may contain material that may not be suitable for all audiences. You are reading this material at your own risk.

NOTE 2: I am not an expert in LGBT matters. I am sure I will say things that are not true. Please go easy on me if I screw anything up. Unlike most other places online, I want this to be positive and educational in regards to this topic. So please help me if I screw something up.

About the Label: "LGBT Issues"

These are topics of particular interest towards LGBT types. These include topics related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and others. Readers and visitors to these topics do not need to be any capacity of LGBT to understand or care about these topics. However, these can be educational to help better understand this community.

LGBT Issues in General

I will spend some time now to generally discuss LGBT matters.

LGBT flag issues
^ from: (best I could find) - This blog post will introduce LGBT matters to "John's Life Space" including my credentials on LGBT issues.

LGBT Issues: Genreal Overview.

LGBT has been seen as a novelty or as something comical. However, people do have and express their LGBT pride. The community has been more accepting of LGBT matters of late compared to times in the past. Being any capacity of LGBT can be a problem in most cultures and countries. You can be generally accepted by a general audience in the United States; but in some countries, you can face such penalties for being any capacity of LGBT- including the death penalty.

Most of my own thoughts regarding certain LGBT issues are based on my own opinions on how I see certain issues. I actually research some of my topics either before or during making material online. This even means getting into not-very-wholesome topics- such as LGBT intimacy. I want to gain a general understanding before I end up posting something online. This will limit the amount of backlash or destructive criticism I may face.

LGBT Issues: My Credentials.

I always known it to be GLBT before being labeled as LGBT. When it comes to LGBT matters, I feel I am the most educated in transgender matters. I had friends of mine date and even marry same-sex partners. I first began being curious about transgender types circa 2002. At the time, I was vastly uneducated about the community. There was someone who I chatted with on America Online (AOL these days, yet I still call AOL as America Online). This person was delightfully lovely despite being a male-to-female (M2F) transgender. Understandably, some people were disgusted that this person was (in their mind) a male in a dress.

There was one time at my community college when I went into the men's bathroom and encountered a male with feminine long hair. I thought he was rather handsome. We became friends after we chatted at times in school. This person would later become the first transgender person I ever known in person. We did see each other on campus a number of times, but I never known what happened to him since. He had a boyfriend all the while, and he has had some drug issues. So I didn't know what happened since.

Besides transgender issues, the only other kind of relation to LGBT matters is that I was once bi-curious. I have never entertained the thought of being with another man, but I had some thoughts. I may possibly explain issues like this further for when I start discussing certain LGBT issues further.

LGBT Issues on "John's Life Space."

When I introduce LGBT issues into "John's Life Space," these are all issues regarding and pertaining to the LGBT community. I can not guarantee my advice and commentary will be to everyone's liking, nor can I say topics in this category will all be wholesome. I may discuss everything LGBT-related ranging from simply being any capacity of LGBT or even gender dysphoria... to more sensitive issues- such as LGBT love and intimacy. LGBT issues will usually involve adults and adolescents, but there MAY be some LGBT issues regarding children. So chances are each topic may not be suitable to everyone in the LGBT category.

LGBT Issues: What to Expect?

This post may all seem basic, but when I discuss LGBT issue further, get ready for some commentary that will greatly suit the LGBT community and those who may be adversely affected. I absolutely will NOT discuss certain topics just to get all kinds of traffic (usually shady or of spam nature). I will meet such topics on an understandable and professional level. I am not here to spew hate or use sarcasm to any community.

Most of all, I want to feel as if I am helping others, especially in offering advice. I don't want people who need help coming in here feeling like I've disgraced them. I just want to hope I can make you feel better if you have related issues. Remember- you are NOT a failure because you seek advice from places like "John's Life Space." You can also request certain topic ideas if you have any.

I honor and respect all communities- including the aforementioned LGBT community. I hope you enjoyed your time here. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Online Psychiatry

John Marine | June 27, 2018 | | | Be the first to comment!
Mental health issues impact us all. A psychiatrist can help alleviate many of these troubles, especially troubles that impact our minds for the longest. So seeing a psychiatrist can be helpful in helping us deal with a number of different mental health-related issues. But what if you can not make the time to schedule seeing a psychiatrist when dealing with a busy work schedule? You can seek help from a psychiatrist online! At least you will be able to get the help you need in case you are unable to step into a local office to meet with a psychiatrist. This blog post will discuss a number of different matters in regards to psychiatry and seeking a psychiatrist.

NOTE: This blog post was created in a collaboration with BetterHelp. More information on BetterHelp will come later in this blog post.

About the Label: "Mental Health"

Issues pertaining to mental health are featured under this label.

About the Label: "Collaborations"

Blog posts done in partnership with other sources will be featured under the "Collaborations" label. Opinions and material are all personal input regardless of whom I am collaborating with with such posts.

Online Psychiatry

Let me talk through some of the finer points of seeking psychiatrists online. Consider the following...

Seeking Online Psychiatrists.

You know you need help. You often scour cyberspace for the hottest Internet memes or various viral videos. You try to seek hashtags to all kinds of material you post online. Why not put some time and effort into finding a psychiatrist online for issues that impact you mentally?

If anything is wonderful about this day and age, you do not need to go to a physical location to get whatever it is you desire. As an example, I personally am someone who is too fond of trying to find various material exclusively online, speaking as someone who still prefers having brick and mortar stores when online stores can offer more items. There are people who attend online programs at colleges and universities. You may not have the finances and such to live on campus or near campus at certain universities or colleges, but you can still get the same quality resources and education from these colleges and universities without ever having set foot into a classroom. Let us get back to more important and more relevant matters. The convenience of finding a psychiatrist online can be immensely convenient. It means you can able to get help from a psychiatrist without needing to step into one's physical office in much the same way you can get anything that can be procured without stepping into a physical location. When faced with mental health issues, no feeling is more assuring than knowing one thing can be taken off of your mind without needing to suffer any further issues in addition to your current mental health issues.

Even if you were physically capable and able to go to a psychiatrist's office, and even if you are okay with being in some psychiatrist's physical office; you can still get help from being on your computer or even your mobile device. Rates and prices will still be plenty capable for your time working with such individuals. The confidentiality of being with an online psychiatrist can be beneficial for those who can not make time to go to a proper physical psychiatrist's office. You still can gain the needed help from a trusted and genuine psychiatrist when you choose to work with an online psychiatrist.

The only possible concern with online psychiatrist help could lie in your own personal information and such being confidential. Despite possible cyber safety concerns, you are still mostly getting the help you can really use for whatever mental health issues impact you.

Is Online Psychiatry For You?

If you can not arrange time to visit a psychiatrist in person, or if you are uncomfortable being in an office with other patients, seeing an online psychiatrist may be for you. You still will need to properly be able to finance your sessions with a psychiatrist.

Where to Seek Online Psychiatrists?

You can easily pop into your preferred search engine of choice and search "psychiatrists online" to seek for psychiatrists in your area. You may even search services like BetterHelp to help link you to psychiatrists. Whatever the case, you are never too far away from getting the help you need... even if miles away geographically.

Final thoughts time. Get ready.

Online Psychiatry: Final Thoughts

Online psychiatric help can be just as beneficial and effective as going to the physical office of a psychiatrist. If you need help with your mental health and you know it, you are best served getting the help you need by seeking psychiatrists- even online. Get the help you need on your own time with quality psychiatric help with online psychiatry.

BetterHelp Resource

I created this blog post in association with BetterHelp. For more information on this topic with resources from BetterHelp, please visit the following link: Reasons to Choose An Online Psychiatrist|BetterHelp.

I would like to thank BetterHelp for reaching out to me and motivating me to produce this blog post.

I hope I have done all I can to help someone who may need the help. You are certainly welcome if I have helped you with this post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Marriage Counseling

John Marine | June 26, 2018 | | | | Be the first to comment!
Love between two strangers is a beautiful thing that can lead to marriage. Married types will enjoy the best and worst of times together. When marriage reaches times of crisis, marriage counseling may help the longevity of a marriage. So marriage counseling can help make sure marriages last for as long as they can. In any attempt to help keep marriages going strong and staying strong, marriage counseling can go a long way to helping make sure married couples stay together long enough. When should you consider marriage counseling? What are the benefits of seeking marriage counseling? Is there anything wrong seeking outside assistance for helping save or salvage a marriage? I will attempt to answer these questions and more in this blog post.

NOTE 1: This post was made in a partnership with BetterHelp, a service allowing people in crisis to connect with therapists and other qualified healthcare professionals for an affordable price. To learn more about BetterHelp and their services and resources, visit

NOTE 2: I am NOT married, nor have I ever been in any true relationship. So what I will be discussing is all opinion-based.

Marriage Counseling in General

Marriage counseling entails trying to keep together a married couple whose may be in crisis. Or a couple not yet married may seek pre-marital counseling to resolve any matters before marriage. No matter what the case, married couples can use some counseling to be together and stay together "'till death do us part."

Here are individual talking points on marriage counseling...

Why Seek Marriage Counseling?

Like any investment, maintenance may be needed to extend the life of investments. Love (let alone marriage) is an investment in its own right. A couple purely in love with each other want to grow old together and enjoy every exciting moment life has to offer. If a couple can not seem to get along and do not make an effort to diagnose and treat any relationship issues, the only possible saving grace could be to meet with a marriage counselor. What a marriage counselor can do is offer some sort of therapy to help lessen the damage of a damaged marriage. A marriage counselor can help provide some sort of direction to help a couple in crisis move closer towards restoring love among the two.

While it may seem shaky to discuss your personal matters with a totally different person, it is at least an opportunity to let go of something holding you back. A marriage counselor has probably dealt with people who have had similar or worse marital issues than what you are facing. So fear not once you step into the office of a marriage counselor. His/Her job is to try to work with you and your spouse to help save a troubled marriage. If you still want to be with your spouse and do not want to consider divorce, you should really try to get marriage counseling to help give yourself a chance. A couple can only benefit from meeting with a marriage counselor to save a marriage rather than keep transgressions bottled up.

When to Seek Marriage Counseling.

Any number of issues can lead towards wanting marriage counseling. A couple in crisis after a number of months or years may seek marriage counseling. A couple who may not be officially married may have some issues trying to stay together or with other matters. There are times when we need to have someone professional to help save marriage, especially those who want to stay together and not seek divorce. No matter what situation(s) arise, wanting marriage counseling can go a long way to save a marriage. A couple is best to try to seek marriage counseling immediately before it is too late or before a troubled marriage reaches a point of being beyond repair.

Even if you are not married (but about to be married), you may want to seek marriage counseling should you be facing issues prior to being officially married. This is known as premarital counseling. Premarital counseling may be needed if your relationship is facing issues before becoming legally married. The help provided by a marriage counselor can help a soon-to-be married couple keep that loving relationship without the couple have to call off the wedding.

Something to Remember...

You are not a failure, and your relationship is not a failure just because you have to seek help from professionals to try to save or maintain your marriage. It may cost money and time to invest in talking with a marriage counselor, but at least it is better than any kind of do-it-yourself efforts to salvage a marriage. At least you are better served getting professional help than dealing with possible enablers or (at worst) having things resort to foul matters such as domestic violence or marital rape. So try to connect with a marriage counselor if your marriage is on the rocks (and I am not talking about margaritas!).

Up next is a look at certain situations as part of the marriage counseling process.

Marriage Counseling: Special Situations

Marriage counseling may be beneficial, but there are certain considerations and situations which marriage counseling can vastly impact. This section will discuss some of these certain circumstances in getting the help you need so your married relationship can last for as long as it can.

Marriage Counseling... When Children are Involved.

If a married couple has children or may expect children, this is a most crucial situation in regards to marriage counseling, because this aspect can impact both the parents and the children for life. If divorce happens, it can greatly impact the bond between parents and their children. This may lead to possible battles for custody. In the case of a couple expecting children, marital matters discussed with a marriage counselor can be just as damaging and detrimental towards making sure the children are taken care of in addition to the parents.

Marriage counseling can be especially critical when children are involved. So just like a couple that may not have children, marriage counseling is double important in this situation.

Marriage Counseling: Time to Divorce.

So what happens when a marriage has reached a level to where it is beyond repair? It may be time to divorce. A couple may want to be together for as long as their lives will allow. Sometimes, however, the best move may be to just move on. A marriage counselor can only do so much to try to fix what can be fixed. If there is no hope for a positive solution for a married couple, the best thing may be to divorce.

Now for some final thoughts on marriage counseling.

Marriage Counseling: Final Thoughts

As worthwhile an investment love is (let alone marriage), you deserve to be able to get help for when married life is not going too well. Part of that investment in marriage is in finding help for when you and your significant other can not seem to get along happily. You can do no wrong to have help from a marriage counselor. You invested the time and energy to fall in love with the one you eventually married; why not look after your investment in love like you do your house, your car, or almost any precious possession of yours? So make sure to connect with a marriage counselor to help keep this love investment going long and strong. You could try to save a marriage DIY (do it yourself) style, but not everyone can succeed trying to save their own marriage without the help of a marriage counselor. Do not take chances- connect with a marriage counselor for the best chance of saving a troubled marriage.

As I mentioned, I have never been in any proper relationship and am not married. Everything you have read was all based on personal opinions and thoughts.

BetterHelp Resources

I created this post through partnership with BetterHelp. If you would like more information on this issue from BetterHelp, please visit the following resources:

• This resource How Does Marriage Counseling Work For You And Your Relationship?|BetterHelp.

• If my discussion of premarital counseling interests you, here is another resource from BetterHelp: Premarital Counseling: What It Is And Why You Should Do It?|BetterHelp.

My thanks go to BetterHelp for reaching out to me and motivate me to blog about marriage counseling.

If you wish to start a discussion on this topic, here is a discussion question for you:

Would you seek marriage counseling to save your marriage? Would you rather seek marriage counseling or try to fix a troubled marriage yourself (and why)?

Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) if my work interests you and if you enjoy my work. If you have any ideas for future topics to this blog or any of my others, please feel free to contact me. Your suggestions may end up producing future blog posts from me. And here on "John's Life Space," be sure to look at my Helpful Resources for assistance with a multitude of life issues and love issues. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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