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Life Happens.

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Life is never easy or fair. Here you are trying to make the most of each day, each experience, and each opportunity. You feel invincible until something accidental or forced happens. You enjoy being with friends and having fun until something occurs that brings you to confusion or sadness. You feel you are healthy until some condition you know nothing of hits you. You are friends with someone, and then that friend betrays you (or you betray that person). Perhaps you are living your own life until one or more people incite violence to threaten our peace- people who have disregard for humanity. Everything goes right until an accident or some kind of disaster occurs. No matter what goes on in your life, one thing is for certain...

Life happens.

Having said all of this, it is time to start another blogging adventure. Having blogged most of my life since the Myspace days, it is time I welcome you (and others) to my latest blog-

John's Life Space johnslifespace
"John's Life Space!"

John's Life Space

This blog is about life issues and dealing with life. This includes matters of personal feelings, love and relationships, how to simply live better, and things of that nature. I am not here to try to be an authority figure regarding such issues. I don't have the answer to all the questions, but I do hope to offer answers. I hope I can express things and offer advice in a calming and respectful manner.

Why Did I Start "John's Life Space?"

There are a lot of things out there in cyberspace. As Mahatma Gandhi said, you should "be the change you want to see in the world." I am someone who just isn't fancy or "cool" online. You see people finding any little reason to hate somebody or ridicule somebody. You will see all kinds of hurtful messages online and all kinds of Internet memes. Everyone has a voice and a heart. Some contribute to what is already littering the interwebs. Some people continually add to what makes life horrid. Some others, however, want to offer something more pleasant and useful. That is where I come in.

To be honest, this blog was the work of months of deciding how I want to structure and utilize offering a blog with my own personal insight in regards to various life issues. I never said I had all of the answers to life's questions. Nor do I. I am facing a lot of the same issues you probably are dealing with. Often times, I like to think of how I can possibly help people feel better about themselves and life. Personal experiences and thoughts of mine help fuel the passion to try to help others. I certainly feel like I can hopefully touch others' lives and offer something helpful and thoughtful. Never once have I engaged in making memes or coming up with anything overly annoying. I have done and said stupid things. So in no way am I any life coach. I don't think of myself as a success story. I was never a truly successful student. Sometimes at my current age of 34 (as of November 8, 2017), I feel like many things in my life could have come earlier in my life. I don't know how much longer I have to live, but I hope I can use my time to help others and provide thoughtful and positive material even if the rest of the Internet posts negativity and long-dead memes and jokes. Maybe I am someone who doesn't get jokes right away or understands a lot of today's pop culture material. All I know is that old-fashioned me wants to try to help make life and society better. We can keep being force-fed images and thoughts of a world gone mad, environments that get much worse before getting much better (if at all possible), and things like that... but I chose to be different and offer something pleasant and (hopefully) useful.

I hate seeing good people suffer. I hate people being broken down and not being appreciated. I hate the feeling of no hope in sight. It gets old for people to never experience being important and respected. I don't like being part of some community where I am not as respected as most others. Because there are things that bring us down from making the most of what life we do have in this universe, I want to be able to empower and encourage people. We are all eventually going to die. So while we are alive, let's do what we can to offer happiness and hope in a world gone mad.

Because I wanted to offer a pleasant distraction and something potentially useful, I provide you this blog. I could contribute to all the social media madness and try to be like most other people, but I chose to be myself and offer what I think will change the world for the better. Will I succeed? It all depends on how I am taken for my words. All I know is that I will at least try to provide something I am certain people will at least appreciate or respect.

While I want a lot of people to visit and enjoy this blog, I don't care too much about SEO or anything. This blog is all about offering advice to others. Hopefully people will find my blog and take in the advice. I'd rather give solid advice rather than offer a site that is a beast in various categories regarding blogs and websites.

The Blog Itself.

This blog's official colors are blue, white, and green. However, I call this the "green" blog of my blogs. The color scheme is meant to resemble "John's Life Space" as a natural and peaceful space. Blue represents a sunny sky and clear waters. Blue also happens to be my favorite color. Green represents natural beauty with grass. The white represents purity, peace, and hope. So therefore, this is a blog I hope can be a place of positive energy. If you read some of my posts regarding life issues in my main blog, "John's Blog Space," what you will see here is nothing different. All I am doing is offering my helpful and positive material on a different platform.

Even though stars and space inspire my art work and my blogs, it is a bit different that this blog's design is not inspired by nighttime.

What You Should Know.

Here on "John's Life Space," I offer everything in proper English. I am not going to dabble in shorthand or become indulged in terms and phrases people are saying these days. I don't even use (or care about) emojis or emotes. I am hardly fancy. I am mostly old-fashioned (or as some would call- boring). I don't want little things to get in the way of expressing points or trying to express whatever it is I am trying to express. I am serious, but I try to be casually professional. I want to have fun with what I do without feel I am seriously obligated to provide some kind of service.

I am thankful you found this blog. Now for a few other things to keep in mind:

• This blog is a positive space. I can not assure all topics mentioned here are pleasant ones, but this blog (like my others) is a positive space. I will not use this blog as a means of hurting others.

• You are not a failure if you landed on this blog. You arrived here because you want some insight on life issues and perhaps want some advice.

• You are welcome here. I hope I can discuss certain issues and help provide decent advice to help you feel better if you are down.

• My preferred audience is vast. If I had to give a set audience for material discussed in this blog, it would probably be 13 years of age and older. I will try to make all issues friendly for as many audiences as possible. However, I can not assure that every topic is suitable for people of certain ages. Some material and topics may not be suitable for all audiences. So you are reading my material at your own risk.

MOST IMPORTANTLY... This blog and the advice offered is not meant to replace proper counseling. If you require more serious help, please consult your healthcare provider, a psychologist, or any other qualified individual.

• I am welcome to new topic ideas. So if you want to see a certain relevant topic featured here, please be sure to contact me. You may see your suggestion in a future post in this blog!

A Special Note...

This blog is dedicated in loving memory of my grandmother, who died on November 4, 2017 at the age of 93. A lot of what she has been able to accomplish in her life and the character she has established has helped me and my family become better. Regardless of whatever topics are expressed and how I express them, this is all in loving memory of the strongest woman I've ever known- my grandmother.

And there you have it. Welcome to "John's Life Space!" You're welcome, world. Now go read some of my posts already!

Before I Close This Post...

November 8 is the birth of "John's Life Space," but it is also my anniversary of joining YouTube back in 2008. Happy anniversary, me! :)

Enjoy your time here and take advantage of all I have to offer to all of you. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Life Happens.

Life is never easy or fair. Here you are trying to make the most of each day, each experience, and each opportunity. You feel invincible u...

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